Window cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya

 Window cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya  Table of contents  Introduction  Window cleaning Steps   Window cleaning tools  Reasons you should clean your windows  What’s the cost of window cleaning?   How often should windows be cleaned  Other cleaning that in go in hand with window cleaning  Introduction  Window cleaning is important as cleaning any […]

Cost of Residential Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

Cost of Residential Cleaning Services Many of us are asking the question; what is the cost of residential cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya. We know maintaining the house cleanliness might be challenging at times, your schedule is so fixed on attending your kids, your spouse, your job, having good time with […]

Benefits of Hiring Professional Office Cleaners

Reasons why you should Hire Professional Office Cleaning Services Are you a small business with a small office or a big office looking hire professional office cleaning services? At Jasban Cleaning, it is our business to make your business is clean, we have worked in several office set up premises and […]

Secrets for Making Your Cleaning Business Successful- Nairobi Kenya

  Whether you want to offer house cleaning, maid services, janitorial services,office cleaning service, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and more, there are some big secrets towards achieving profitable cleaning service business. Everyday new houses are designed to be built, a big number completed and let to tenants – most business and […]