Window cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya

 Window cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya 

Table of contents 

  • Introduction 
  • Window cleaning Steps  
  • Window cleaning tools 
  • Reasons you should clean your windows 
  • What’s the cost of window cleaning?  
  • How often should windows be cleaned 
  • Other cleaning that in go in hand with window cleaning 


Window cleaning is important as cleaning any other section of a house or building, but most home/commercial buildings owners tend to forget including window cleaning in their cleaning schedules which at long term attracts some unnecessary expenditures  

Window cleaning Steps 

  • Window Rubbing and scrubbing to release the buildup of grease, grime and all types of dirt- you can use liquid soap and cold water- no use of hot water since it will make the finish streaky on panes 

Use small brush to remove any dust and cobwebs is there are some, cleaning starts from top to bottom of the windows 

  • The glass is squeegeed clean with professional-window squeegee, removing 99.9% of the water and dirt from the pores of the glass 
  •  Window Edges and sills are wiped clean and dry, leaving behind nothing but sparkling glass 

Microfibre cloths are used to buff the windows after washing 

 At Jasban window cleaning, we use modern technology approach to clean, this ensures windows are free of spots and streak after cleaning 


Window cleaning Tools 

For success of window cleaning, this are the basic cleaning tools that are needed 

  • Squeegees, Washers and T-bars 
  • Microfiber Sleeves 
  • Extension poles 
  • Stepping stools 
  • Scrappers and blades 
  • Dusting and buffing towels  
  • Screen washers   
  • Window cleaning detergents  
  • Belts 
  • Buckets 
  • Ladders 

Reasons you should clean your Windows 

Most home/business owners forget to include windows on their cleaning list- maybe because they never saw any fatal reason to why it should be kept clean. It\’s good for you to keep your windows clean- you can do it using professional window cleaning company or do it yourself /with your house help 

Here are some of the reasons you should keep your window clean 

  1. Over time if windows are not cleaned, dust, dirt and grime will build up, this if not taken care of in time may pose a health issue related to lungs- to home or officer user, this is from the molds that form as a result of dirt 
  1. Cleaning your windows from time to time makes your windows stronger 
  1. Cleaning of windows regularly brings lighter and cleanliness to your home, office and business facility, this will make your home/business place shine, it will look great for those visiting, hence increase of value 
  1. Ensures reduced costs of having windows repaired – Acid rains over time can cause buildup of some debris on windows, window frames and sills, this will damage the window glass over time. Window start developing scratches and some cracks which keeps on until you the home owner you are forced to replace the entire window 
  1. Enjoy a nice View – dirt on window may cause some hindrance on natural light getting into the house, clean clear windows are enjoyable to look through, plus it creates a positive impression of clean home/business center  

Having a sparkling-clean windows gives us a brighter outlook of life 

  1. Improves Moods – Clean windows are said to make the family/ you employees happy- thus improving their moods 
  1. Increases Value – For those selling properties, windows that are dirt may turn potential customer away, cause most people could like a house that has a clear view through windows, where they can have a clear watch of the outside and take fresh air 

Hire window cleaning professionals today, and get clean window – free from streaks and spots, At Jasban Cleaning, we have a trained Crew for the tusk, with modern tools and solutions, we will leave your windows sparkle clean. 

WANT WINDOW CLEANING IN NAIROBI KENYA?  Call us today for a free quote estimate 0796021733- 



How often should windows be cleaned? 

Depending on the surrounding, windows should be cleaned once after 1 or 2 months. 

Example: Homes near busy roads may require window cleaning more often than houses far from roads, because of dust  

At home, to avoid accumulating grim, window cleaning can be done weekly/bi-weekly 

Leaving near a Construction Site, it means there are chances that your windows will gather hard minerals from the paints and dust from cements, this will require window cleaning at least once per month  

Other Related cleaning that go in Hand with Window cleaning 

As window cleaning, there some places of the house or business set up building largely forgotten cleaning  

This includes: 

  1. Gutter Cleaning 
  1. Solar Cleaning 
  1. Wall pressure cleaning 


Gutter Cleaning 

              Prevent Costly Property Repairs and  

               Replacements with us Today 

                 you will love the output  

This section is mostly neglected when cleaning other sections of the house- but this at Longterm comes with its disadvantages, when gutters are not maintained, dirty from fallen leaves and dust can brings more of damages to the owners 

  • They can cause damage to the foundation – this is from the overflowing gutters, repairing such damages may be costly  
  • Insects breeding homes- Waters logged on the gutters may provide a nice ground for the mosquitos and other pests nesting  
  • Overflowing water from clogged gutters may destroy the gardens around the house 


For one to reach the Gutters you need to climb with the cleaning tools using some ladders- for home owners this might be very dangerous, not to mention of insects like spiders and wasps  

All this brings to a list of reasons to why you should hire a professional cleaner to do it for you, call us today and book Gutter cleaning services with us- At Jasban cleaning we promise to bring back your Gutters, Flowing and free of dirt 

Our Gutter cleaning also includes: 

  • Roof cleaning 
  • Gutter maintenance 
  • Clean downspouts 
  • Storage tank cleaning – This ensures customers get clean water through out, using high pressure washing, we will wash the tunks, suck the residue waters, leaving behind clean tanks ready for storage  



Solar Cleaning 

Many people would ask themselves, is it necessary to clean the solar? How often should I clean them? 

Many people depend on the rains to clean down the solar panels, but in some cases, rains might not help- imagine of bird droppings on the panels, rain might not wash these off as they will be to steaky, so it’s a good idea to clean them off 

Also, in places that experience droughts and at Long term it rains very light- you might be forced to clean them from time to time 

Debris and dirt can hinder the effectiveness of the solar panels, they, they hinder sunlight from reaching the panels thus lowering the efficiency on power collected 

How to clean solar panels 

Cleaning can be done by the owner or using a professional cleaning company 

This depends with the decision of the owner and if you are able to go up the ladder to roof top and have the task done 

Make sure to check with your solar installers and providers on any directives in cleaning them 

Using a hose pipe and a bucket of soapy water and nonabrasive spongy to apply soap, this way you will not scratch the panels, no high-pressure waters- coz they will damage the panels 

And keep in mind all solar cleaning should be done on cold weather seasons/in the morning before they get hot from a direct sun 

Pressure cleaning 

If the exterior of your house is looking dirty and messed, it needs one call all clean- Pressure washing- to clean up your driveways, walkways, walls and even pool sides  

All this might look tiresome or technical, call in professionals and let\’s have the job done 

We come with all tools that are needed, so that only thing you will provide is just water and power to operate the machines  

Pressure washing your property will not only make you place look great and restored but also check on longevity of your property 

At Jasban cleaning we have trained technician who knows which approach to use where and when 

Pressure wash can be done on houses and concretes- sidewalks and driveways, Pool-sides to remove any buildup of grime, dirty and algae 

With a professional pressure cleaner- there is a lot that can get cleaned, coz they can be creative and innovative to get work done- things like outdoor furniture, kid’s playsets and more 

Professional pressure washer can even clean the roof Gutters an emerge successful 

Minus professional Pressure washing (use of wrong techniques) you might experience some shortcoming, namely; 

  • Damage to glass windows panes 
  • Strip off exterior paints from walls 
  • Dangers that come with use of ladders and climbing to highest areas 
  • Dangers from bleaching solutions used to deal with molds 
  • Expenses of purchasing the tools and the pressure washers  

Leave this to professionals and do that thing that matters m,ost to you,  

At Jasban Cleaning, we guarantee of all work, with our trained team, you can rest assured that all your expectations will be met 

We offer Professional Window cleaning, Gutter cleaning, Solar cleaning and Pressure washing services at Nairobi Kenya . contact us today for an Estimate 0796021733 

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