Cost of Residential Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

Cost of Residential Cleaning Services

Many of us are asking the question; what is the cost of residential cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya. We know maintaining the house cleanliness might be challenging at times, your schedule is so fixed on attending your kids, your spouse, your job, having good time with your family and friends

This are the core reasons that makes home owners think of hiring a cleaning company, to supplement some of the cleaning workload, but many have  challenge to knowing how much it will cost to get their houses cleaned

Many ask themselves questions; is it worth outsourcing a cleaning company or do the cleaning my self? Well, depending from which angle you are figuring this out, it can appear very expensive/ affordable outsourcing the home cleaning services

How is the Cleaning Costs Determined?

This are some of ways you can determine the costs involved to have your house cleaned

  1. Size of the house – a 4 bedroom will cost more than for example a 2 bedroom house . Cleaning companies are able to give an estimation from the square footage of your house, carpets and even sofa sizes . So before inviting cleaners be sure you know the measurements, if you are not sure, you can request for the cleaning personnel to have a site visit and have the measurements taken, then later give you a quote- this will help you check on your budget and decide whether you are to clean the entire house or just rooms
  2.  Location – some companies tend to include fuel cost on the final cost of their quotations, so find out if transport is taken care of, and ask the location of the company, or if they have branches at your locality , this will translate to affordable rates on cleaning your home

Some of the cost of cleaning your house are;

  1. Carpet cleaning–    This range from non fluffy to woolen type of carpets- where their cost will be ksh 20, 30 and 50 respectively- the bigger the carpet the lesser it will cost cleaning it squire foot
  2. Mattress cleaning  –      This varies from 3\’ by 6\’ to 6\’ by 6\’ where it costs between ksh 2000 – ksh             3,500 for the family size mattress .
  3. Sofa cleaning  – Cost is per seat, where charging is between ksh 500- 800 depending on the nature of the sofa, sometimes the cleaning company might request for a photo of the seat to help in giving the quote

Benefits of Professionally Upholstery Cleaning

While hiring a sofa cleaning machine might be cheap, it needs some skills and time to clean your sofa, most peoples’ schedule are tight , hence hiring professional sofa cleaners would the best option.

Professional upholstery cleaning goes deep into the fibers of your furniture and removes dander, pollen, and dust that can cause allergies and agitate the eyes, nose, and throat. The removal of these allergens leads to better air quality in your home and a healthier life for you and your family

The benefits includes

  1. Protects your upholstery                                                                                                                                                       While upholstery cleaning may seem like an unnecessary expense, avoiding the upkeep can cost more in the long run. Specifically, this routine maintenance helps furniture last longer so that you don’t have to worry about the cost of frequent replacement.
  2. . Fresh and clean air in the house                                                                                                                                       Professional cleaning of Sofas and coughs reduces chances of allergy related diseases and asthma and more reactions caused from poor air quality indoors. Cleaning makes air within the house fresh, hence , easy breathing for you and your family.
  3.  Safety – professional upholstery companies use the most safest techniques and products – which are safe for your family, children and pets. some chemicals used can be toxic and might cause harm to your environment, use professional cleaners coz they understand this
  4. .Restoring its original shape / appearance                                                                                                                   If dirt and debris sit on upholstery for a long time, they will settle into hard-to-remove stains. While these stains can be cleaned at any time, they can leave a lasting mark that can permanently take away from the polished appearance the furniture originally had. Routine cleaning will ensure that fibers are restored and able to maintain their original look longer.
  5. The Convenience of Quick drying process – most methods and machines used by professional sofa cleaning makes drying so fast, 1 – 3 hours ready to use, this overtakes the disadvantage that comes with sofa not drying properly, which will cause you and your family face danger of molds  and mildew which can be harmful to the family


Are Your Sofas Dirty? We’ll Clean Them for you 

You want a healthy home for your kids, free of dust that cause allergy related diseases 

A place that u can invite your friends without hesitate, invite your workmates for parties and visiting 

You want to spend time home, relaxing and in a clean atmosphere, reading a magazine/novel  

A place you will spend a nice time during your off day/Weekends with your family 

A place you can spend some time watching your best tv program, watching your best movie episodes or even football game- either with your family or friends 

All this can be hindered by having dirty Sofas at Home 

Dusty, bad odors and smells from pet urines on sofas, those visible stains on the surfaces of the sofa and couches, food spillages spots can really make one not have peace of mind, trying to cover the sofas is another costly thing you couldn’t want to do 

The worst thing of all, this will push home owners off hosting guests because of fear of personality avoiding embarrassments   

Avoid this life by calling experts- Professional Sofa cleaners in Nairobi Kenya-  Jasban cleaning services, with our trained and vetted technicians, we guarantee you best services, clean and sparkling, stain free- clean as new 

Don’t wait until your in laws calls you to inform of visiting, and obviously they will spend the entire day on those sofas- coz if they find them in a mess, a lot can emerge out of the visit- this is to say sofa cleaning and Maintenace is a very important step, not only does it elongate their life but also  your image on the visitors- hence cleaning should be a regular routine exercise for home owners 


Why Should you use professional Sofa Cleaners over Cleaning them yourself/ using unqualified personnel?  

Over time, sofas can get really dirt, urine from your pet, dust and mad from playing kids and all long-time soiling from all types of dirt around you 

This will need professional touch, someone who knows what solution to use on what surface/ fabric type/ leather type 

Risks that come with Cleaning sofa unprofessionally  

Cleaning your sofa is not simply smearing of detergents and water onto surfaces stains and scrubbing, or soaking with water, Sofa upholstery requires proper care, otherwise you will destroy and bring big damage to the furniture 

Over time we have received bookings for sofa cleaning which somebody tried to clean but, on the process, caused a damage- either soaked them or used the detergent that is not right. Why risk cleaning that expensive sofa set with unreliable sources  

 Book with us today and get a satisfactory result on sofa cleaning 

Below are the common Risks of cleaning sofas unprofessionally 

  1. Using the wrong detergents – this might risky your sofa fabric decolorizing and even bleaching/fading 

Normally, before a professional cleaner starts his /her duty, 1st thing to do is to check the fabric type – usually written on precaution receipt and manuals of the site- or basically test on one of the corners to see the detergents reactions 

Minus sofa cleaning knowledge, the cutting cost ideology might turn to be a nightmare when the sofas are destroyed  

Contact professional sofa cleaners who have the knowhow on all the approaches on sofa cleaning no matter which material they are made of- they will clean appropriately and achieve satisfactory result 

Try our services today and experience a clean and freshly nice smelling sofa today, we will do whatever it takes until your sofa sets are clean, if you are not satisfied, we come back at no cost- and repeat the job until you say yes! Call us to book the service  

     2.Using too much water – our processes involve very powerful commercial suctioning machines which ensures all the moisture content are extracted out- this might not be the case with local unprofessional sofa cleaners who their machines are small with reduced capacities, small mortar, less expensive to rent and carry around – all this combined will disadvantage the process 

This means your sofa will be wet for long, which in the long run might cause developing of the molds which will form stains and also will risk home users to some allergy related issues – coughing and sneezing  

Call the experts and let off the embarrassment off you, below are the  

basic procedure we use to Upholstery clean the Sofas 

  • We arrange for a trained technician with all tools need to upholstery clean the sofas 
  • On arrival of our technician at your premises, he will do inspection of the sofa, checks the manufacturer’s cleaning instruction- to check on fabric type and any special requirement for the same 
  • Pre-vacuuming of the sofa surfaces- to get rid of dust and any debris from the surfaces of the sofa 
  • Pre spot of stains on the surfaces- at this stage we use our special fabric cleaner, this suspends all sticky dirty stains, making it easier to clean 
  • Shampoo evenly the surfaces of the sofa, we use soft cloths and brush  
  • Using wet & dry commercial powerful sanctioning machines, we vacuum the surfaces to remove dirt and all residue from the used shampoos, grease and the extra water – we get 99% off waters off, this fastens drying period- 2-3 hours 

We got you covered, we are just a call away click, call to book sofa cleaning services with us today 

 Leave the Sofa cleaning Experts  

The hectic that comes with change of sofa is a lot – it\’s so challenging to change your furniture coz mostly you could like to blend with another household colors, time to shop around is a big issue fitting into your budget is the worst day dream 

Over time, Spills from foods & drinks, dust, dander from the pet will accumulate on the sofa surfaces, this obviously will change the look of it, this is like an investment, which should be protected like any other 

You need to schedule regular cleaning – to keep its condition good all through  

Our technicians are available 24/7, we connect you to within 2hours upon calling 

Clean sofa- free of stains and odors can really improve state of life within your house, it brings some relaxation and comfort to home users, quality life 

Be it your sofa is a recliner, ottoman stools, Love seats, sectional seats, sofa beds, armchairs, they all need a professional treatment, we clean them all, from stains to smells from pet urines we make sure you are satisfied with the process – calling our Customer service number which is available 24/7, book the services and we will send the best trained technician to your location in the shortest time possible  

Call Jasban Cleaning – sofa experts and get back the value of your money back- 



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