Benefits of Hiring Professional Office Cleaners

Reasons why you should Hire Professional Office Cleaning Services

Are you a small business with a small office or a big office looking hire professional office cleaning services? At Jasban Cleaning, it is our business to make your business is clean, we have worked in several office set up premises and we can attest that it comes with a lot of goodies having  professional cleaners in your office,  join us and let\’s make it happen

A clean office not only does it portray a good image to the company, but also supports a healthy environment for the employees and the visiting clients

A clean office shows some professionalism and raises the image of the office holders

Having a professional service provider in place means increased productivity- as a clean space inspires those clients that come to your stores/office, this in return will raise productivity

Professional cleaners are usually trained to take care of the client\’s property and its their mandate to be sacred, therefore all the secrets of your office are safe

Are you looking for an Office cleaning in KENYA? Don\’t look no more, Jasban Cleaning offices different packages to suit your office needs- Daily office cleaning and maintenance, biweekly cleaning/ monthly cleaning . We are a reliable, affordable, yet professional office cleaning company in Kenya

These are some of the reasons to hire a Professional cleaner

  1. Saves you money- by having professional office cleaners it means , no extra costs will be spent on your staff for extra hours they spend cleaning, nevertheless, cleaning company knows where to source the tools and items for cleaning at the cheapest prices, this saves money
  2. Employee Morale increase – everybody likes working in a clean environment. Without professional office cleaners , your employees might be forces to maintain the routine office cleaning- this may eat their energy and time they should have used to focus in raising the productivity of the company
  3.    Experienced touch – your office setting up must have costed you a lot , those furniture, carpets and surfaces needs specialized touch from a trained cleaner- who knows the procedures and agents to use on this particular office. Let not your office damaged by non-qualified staff, call 0796 021 733 or Get a quote
  4. Contract Bides – this means everything will be as per the contract terms, no time wasted on sourcing a cleaning agent from time to time. The professional cleaners will do everything as per terms agreed between you two
  5. Flexibility and convenience – by having professional cleaners it means everything will be done within its stipulated time lines. Meetings and all office proceedings will always run as arranged, the cleaners work along the office laid down timelines and schedules so that at no given time should any business be interrupted- most cleaning are done before office staff arrive/ after they have closed / when they are off duty- this will translate to productivity
  6. More time to Focus on Priorities – Professional cleaners knows how to deal with different types of cleaning, this is different from having your staff doing the duties themselves, this will waste time that you can spend working on priorities of business. Trust cleaning work to professionals and concentrate on business factors

Office Sanitary Bins Management Services

Jasban Cleaning is a hygiene service provider that provides dispensers ( Hand soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, Sanitary Bins Management, consumables (hand paper towels, tissues, detergents, and more), deep cleaning of toilets. We can provide you with a 1-stop solution in hygiene services for Homes, Offices and industries at an affordable rates.

Importance of Quality Hygiene Services

  • Encourages a germ-free and clean working environment.
  • Decreases absenteeism from the employee, this translates to high productivity.
  • Gives a professional appearance to your clients and staff thus good impression to all
  • Protects your products, staff and customers health. Personal staff hygiene is not enough , we encourage use of professional commercial cleaners in Nairobi- Jasban cleaning

Your office needs to be thoroughly cleaned daily , this is both healthy to your business and your employees- this can be achieved by hiring a Professional office cleaners, call us today to book for an appointment/ book for a one off cleaning.

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