Professional Mattress Cleaning in Nairobi Kenya

Professional Mattress Cleaning in Nairobi Kenya

  1. Introduction 
  2. Steam Cleaning Your Mattress                                                                       —Why steam clean a mattress                                                                                  Steps to steam cleaning your mattress                                                              Benefits of steam cleaning a mattress 


      3.Procedures of Professional Mattress Cleaning  

       4. Importance of cleaning your mattress 

       5. Tips of protecting your mattress from attracting Dirt 

       6.How much does it cost to have your mattress Professionally cleaned? 

        7.How much Do Cleaning services Cost in Nairobi Kenya? 

        8.Mattress Protection from dirty  



Mattress cleaning is as important as Couch and carpets Upholstery clean 

Clean, nice smelling mattress and beddings gives the best comfort to users, and can act as a charm to sending one to sleeping in no time once’s in bed  

Remember an Average person will spend around 2,500 hours in a year in bed, so be sure to include Mattress and Beddings cleaning in your cleaning list 

Wiping your mattress alone won’t make it clean, it needs professional cleaning, sanitized and disinfected  

Regular Mattress cleaning can help reduce allergens, decrease dust mites and give you a clean, fresh environment to sleep 


Why steam clean your Mattress 

Mattress tend to pick all types of dirt mites and dead skin that shade from the user when sleeping- cause of all this combination of dirt, your mattress may start feeling grimy and dirty as well 

Besides the normal vacuuming, shampooing and vacuuming methods, you can use steaming, this is the best method in cleaning your mattresses 

Steaming ensures new life into your Foam mattress, it helps remove urines, sweat stains even kill bedbugs and dust mites from the surfaces 

Steps to steam cleaning your Mattress 

Step 1 

Take all the bedcovers off- plug your steam cleaner now, to give it enough time to heat 

Step 2 

Vacuum the surfaces of the mattress o remove any debris and dust from the surfaces, vacuum the corners, on the stiches and sides 

Step 3 

Treat the stubborn stains with an upholstery cleaner, you can let the solution sit on the surface 5-10 minutes after you have rubbed it, then dry before proceeding, to avoid leaving behind  

Step 4 

Steaming up and down the entire mattress, sides and corners. Then vacuum any extra moisture and lifted grime from the mattresses 

Benefits of Steam Cleaning your Mattress 

Steam Cleaning for the fact its natural, it comes with a bundle of benefits-  

  • Removes Allergens: steaming helps get rid of dust, dust mites and molds that if not taken care of in time will trigger allergy 
  • Kills Bedbugs and Dust mites: Hot steaming helps get rid of all pests, insects and their eggs, allowing a deep sleep all pests, insects and their eggs, allowing a deep sleep 
  • Stain Free: stains from urine can be stubborn, but with steaming, it becomes easier to work them out stains from urine   
  • Disinfecting & Sanitizing: germs and mold spores will not be spared on use of a steam cleaning method 
  • Kill bad odor:  Steam clean will help keep the mattress smelling fresh, free of bacteria that causes the smell 





Mattresses are exposed to a lot of dirt: shed skin, sweat, oils, dead skins, dander and home pollutants  

Mattress cleaning is a such important as cleaning other sections of your home  

Dust mites and Fungi can increase allergies which will make one uncomfortable when sleeping on the mattress 

  1. Reduces Risks of Allergies  

 Cleaning your mattress helps get rid of harmful bacteria from the surfaces  

Dust mites on mattresses increases allergies which may make it hard for            one to sleep  

  1. No itching  

It can be so hard to sleep at night when one is itching, clean mattress gives all the comfort needed, one sleeps within no time on getting to bed- coz of the good conditions from the clean mattress 

      3.Air Quality  

   Cleaning of mattress means reduced dirt that is caused from shed of skin of skin, oil, dust, sweat, soils- this if left for long makes the entire room start developing odors that may affect your sleep at night  

   Cleaning mattress from time – time to time will increase air quality within the house 

  1. Mattress Life

   Cleaning your mattress helps reduce wear and tear on the cover and along the stiches, this will reduce the chances for pads, springs exposed to damage. Schedule for mattress cleaning and increase its life span 

N/B covering your mattress and routine change of the covers is simply not enough to keep it Clean, seek Professional advice form Jasban Cleaners in regard to Cleaning it, Free inquiry


Procedure of Professional mattress Cleaning 

  1. Thorough Vacuuming   

Vacuuming mattress is important cause it helps get rid of the dust mites, bugs, dirt and any debris from the surfaces, within stitches  

Thorough vacuuming is done on top, bottom and sides of the mattress, the process is repeated till we are sure there is no more dust 

  1. Dry Scrubbing the Mattress 

Using hand held brush with soft bristles, fabric shampoos + disinfectant, we scrub gently with brush, we make it dryly as much as possible to make it dry within a short time possible 

  1. Vacuum and Wiping

Vacuuming after scrubbing will help to remove any dirt and debris that might have been dislodged into the fabric, this is done several times, so that all extra waters are removed 

  1. Drying the Mattress

After thorough vacuuming, we leave the mattress to air out, we place it by its to allow both sides to air out, Keep the room well ventilated if fans present put them on, on a high speed 

If you have some space outside, we can take an advantage of the direct sun for quicker drying  

Tips on Protecting Your Mattress from attracting Dirt and Stains 

Blood stains, Urine stains and sweat stains may turn to be very gross on your mattress, if you want this to be the story of the past, consider doing using the below methods 

  • Flip your mattress after 6 months 
  • Avoid drinking and eating on your bed- to avoid spillages 
  • Always use a washable mattress cover to prevent dirt from reaching the mattress 
  • Consider putting a mattress waterproof protector on your mattress- most of the protectors have zip closed to protect the mattress from spills, dust, stains, and even bedbugs  
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the mattress surfaces, let it sit for a couple of hours, vacuum it off- it helps to keep your mattress odor free and keep it fresh overall  

If you need help with your mattress cleaning, we are available round clock at your service- we are experts at mattress cleaning – we have trained and experienced technicians who understands the whole procedure of mattress cleaning 


How much does it cost to clean Mattress Professionally Cleaned?  

Mattress clean is done on-site- homes, hotels, offices or hostels  

Feel free to call us to ask for mattress cleaning Estimates  

Item Description   Cost (ksh) 
6 by 6 mattress   3,500 
5 by 6 mattress  3,000 
4 by 6 mattress  2,500 
3 by 6 mattress  2,000 
Bed Cleaning      500 



Why Jasban is the Best Choose for Professional Mattress cleaning in Nairobi Kenya 

  • Jasban Crew comes to your door point on requesting of our mattress cleaning services – this will give you humble time to rest or do that that matters most to you 
  • Jasban cleaning we use Eco-friendly Cleaning products in all our cleaning services 
  • We apply modern technology and machines in cleaning, this ensures your mattress fabric is cared for 
  • We respond within 1 hour of call for clients who are within Nairobi  
  • No soaking, our procedures ensures no dampness is left on the surfaces of the mattress – drying will take utmost 3 hours from time of cleaning  
    • Other services offered -apart from mattress cleaning, Jasban cleaning provides a number of cleaning services, both for Homes and Offices, we do this so that you don’t go looking for carpet or sofa or house cleaning services as a separate service provider, get one roof cleaning services  us and safe greatly on expenditure- our trained team will do you mattress cleaning, sofa and carpet upholstery,  your entire house dusting, floor cleaning, kitchen cleaning, fridge and microwave cleaning and decreasing, laundry & Ironing

How Much Does Cleaning Services Cost in Nairobi Kenya 

House Cleaning services  

Type of home  Price per square Foot(ksh) 
Occupied Home  13 
Post construction  11 
Vacant home  9 

Sofa sets Cleaning 

Item Detail  Cost (ksh) 
7 Seat sofa  4,500 
5 seat sofa  3,000 
Office arm chair  500 
Dining seats  250 
Sofa bed  1500 
3 seat sofa  2,100 
Leather seat   700 
L shape sofa  3,500 
Ottoman stools  300 
Recliner sofas(1)  700 


Sanitizing and Disinfecting  

Item Description

Cost (ksh) 
bedroom  3000 
2 bedroom  3800 
3 bedroom  4500 
4 bedroom  5500 
5 bedroom  6300 
Offices (sqm)  30 
School ( sqm)  30 
Small office  2000 
Restaurant  3000 
Church (Small)  5500 
Bar   2000 
Bus  3000 
van  1500 
car  1000 


Office Cleaning services  

Item details  Cost (ksh)sq foot 
Carpeted office  15 
Non carpeted  5  






Carpet Cleaning 

Item Details  Cost (Ksh)Sq Foot 
Wall to wall carpet  20 
Loose carpet  35 
Woolen carpet  30 

Vehicle Cleaning 

Item Detail  Cost (ksh) 
Saloon car  3000 
Min bus  10000 
Van  6000 
Double cabin  4500 
Bus  15000 
7 seat cars  4500 

Pest Control & Fumigation services ( Home/ Office)

Item Detail  Cost (Ksh) 
1 bedroom 2500
2 bedroom 3000
3 bedroom 3500
4 bedroom 4000
5 bedroom 4500
6 bedroom 5000
Office (per sq ft) 20
Office(per Sq m) 50

Steam Cleaning 

Item Detail  Cost (ksh) 
3 seat sofa 2,100
5 seat sofa 3500
7 seat sofa 4,900
Mattress 3*6 2000
Mattress 4*6 2500
Mattress 5*6 3000
Mattress 6*6 3500 


For Mattress and all types of cleaning, call Jasban Cleaning, Get our reliable affordable yet Professional services  






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