Secrets for Making Your Cleaning Business Successful- Nairobi Kenya


Whether you want to offer house cleaning, maid services, janitorial services,office cleaning service, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and more, there are some big secrets towards achieving profitable cleaning service business.

Everyday new houses are designed to be built, a big number completed and let to tenants – most business and home owners if asked about cleanliness, all could like to work and stay in a tidy environment, but majority might not want to do the cleaning themselves, hence an opportunity to entrepreneur who will not mind to make their hands dirt and manage a cleaning firm

  1. Clean it as you could your home – Whether assignment ahead of you is bigger/smaller, clean it like you are cleaning your own home/office. Liking and having passion on what you are doing is the first achievement in the cleaning industry.
  2. Quality work sells  – don\’t cut your prices low than the competitors for reasons of getting more clients, instead raise your strategy above them by offering services differently
  3. Well Motivated Employees means productivity- imagine having an employee who is not motivated at work. They will properly  use time at their desk surfing the internet for personal gain or even browsing for another job. As their Boss, look for ways for them wanting to do best everyday, for instance, introduce incentives and bonuses for top performers
  4. Play your Niche – Find what suits your operations and Focus on it, do it to your best, with consistency and determination you will succeed, don\’t venture into market because you have seen others serving it, pick the market that you can serve the best
  5. Have structures and systems-  target to get your business where it can run with/without your presence . Let every department have their systems ; accounting, sales, operations etc
  6. Go Digital – develop a good website, online marketing and more, to communicate to clients looking for the services you offer. Online sales reduces the hustle of walking door to door doing sales
  7. Customer service – trust you me, the best mode of sales is through reference, never assume clients\’ satisfaction just because the work looks okay to you, its good to always follow up and try to find out how they are finding your service, and always work on the feed backs strictly
  8. Don\’t be Desperate – not all jobs should be taken, turn down undesirable and unprofitable business , if you have your own strategy in the market,  your right client is on the way, maybe about to call you
  9. Invest on Modern Equipment and Tools – You need to look ready at the face of you client as you approach their premises , this creates first impression of your company.
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