Professional Mattress Cleaning in Nairobi Kenya

Professional Mattress Cleaning in Nairobi Kenya

  1. Introduction 
  2. Steam Cleaning Your Mattress                                                                       —Why steam clean a mattress                                                                                  Steps to steam cleaning your mattress                                                              Benefits of steam cleaning a mattress 


      3.Procedures of Professional Mattress Cleaning  

       4. Importance of cleaning your mattress 

       5. Tips of protecting your mattress from attracting Dirt 

       6.How much does it cost to have your mattress Professionally cleaned? 

        7.How much Do Cleaning services Cost in Nairobi Kenya? 

        8.Mattress Protection from dirty  



Mattress cleaning is as important as Couch and carpets Upholstery clean 

Clean, nice smelling mattress and beddings gives the best comfort to users, and can act as a charm to sending one to sleeping in no time once’s in bed  

Remember an Average person will spend around 2,500 hours in a year in bed, so be sure to include Mattress and Beddings cleaning in your cleaning list 

Wiping your mattress alone won’t make it clean, it needs professional cleaning, sanitized and disinfected  

Regular Mattress cleaning can help reduce allergens, decrease dust mites and give you a clean, fresh environment to sleep 


Why steam clean your Mattress 

Mattress tend to pick all types of dirt mites and dead skin that shade from the user when sleeping- cause of all this combination of dirt, your mattress may start feeling grimy and dirty as well 

Besides the normal vacuuming, shampooing and vacuuming methods, you can use steaming, this is the best method in cleaning your mattresses 

Steaming ensures new life into your Foam mattress, it helps remove urines, sweat stains even kill bedbugs and dust mites from the surfaces 

Steps to steam cleaning your Mattress 

Step 1 

Take all the bedcovers off- plug your steam cleaner now, to give it enough time to heat 

Step 2 

Vacuum the surfaces of the mattress o remove any debris and dust from the surfaces, vacuum the corners, on the stiches and sides 

Step 3 

Treat the stubborn stains with an upholstery cleaner, you can let the solution sit on the surface 5-10 minutes after you have rubbed it, then dry before proceeding, to avoid leaving behind  

Step 4 

Steaming up and down the entire mattress, sides and corners. Then vacuum any extra moisture and lifted grime from the mattresses 

Benefits of Steam Cleaning your Mattress 

Steam Cleaning for the fact its natural, it comes with a bundle of benefits-  

  • Removes Allergens: steaming helps get rid of dust, dust mites and molds that if not taken care of in time will trigger allergy 
  • Kills Bedbugs and Dust mites: Hot steaming helps get rid of all pests, insects and their eggs, allowing a deep sleep all pests, insects and their eggs, allowing a deep sleep 
  • Stain Free: stains from urine can be stubborn, but with steaming, it becomes easier to work them out stains from urine   
  • Disinfecting & Sanitizing: germs and mold spores will not be spared on use of a steam cleaning method 
  • Kill bad odor:  Steam clean will help keep the mattress smelling fresh, free of bacteria that causes the smell 





Mattresses are exposed to a lot of dirt: shed skin, sweat, oils, dead skins, dander and home pollutants  

Mattress cleaning is a such important as cleaning other sections of your home  

Dust mites and Fungi can increase allergies which will make one uncomfortable when sleeping on the mattress 

  1. Reduces Risks of Allergies  

 Cleaning your mattress helps get rid of harmful bacteria from the surfaces  

Dust mites on mattresses increases allergies which may make it hard for            one to sleep  

  1. No itching  

It can be so hard to sleep at night when one is itching, clean mattress gives all the comfort needed, one sleeps within no time on getting to bed- coz of the good conditions from the clean mattress 

      3.Air Quality  

   Cleaning of mattress means reduced dirt that is caused from shed of skin of skin, oil, dust, sweat, soils- this if left for long makes the entire room start developing odors that may affect your sleep at night  

   Cleaning mattress from time – time to time will increase air quality within the house 

  1. Mattress Life

   Cleaning your mattress helps reduce wear and tear on the cover and along the stiches, this will reduce the chances for pads, springs exposed to damage. Schedule for mattress cleaning and increase its life span 

N/B covering your mattress and routine change of the covers is simply not enough to keep it Clean, seek Professional advice form Jasban Cleaners in regard to Cleaning it, Free inquiry


Procedure of Professional mattress Cleaning 

  1. Thorough Vacuuming   

Vacuuming mattress is important cause it helps get rid of the dust mites, bugs, dirt and any debris from the surfaces, within stitches  

Thorough vacuuming is done on top, bottom and sides of the mattress, the process is repeated till we are sure there is no more dust 

  1. Dry Scrubbing the Mattress 

Using hand held brush with soft bristles, fabric shampoos + disinfectant, we scrub gently with brush, we make it dryly as much as possible to make it dry within a short time possible 

  1. Vacuum and Wiping

Vacuuming after scrubbing will help to remove any dirt and debris that might have been dislodged into the fabric, this is done several times, so that all extra waters are removed 

  1. Drying the Mattress

After thorough vacuuming, we leave the mattress to air out, we place it by its to allow both sides to air out, Keep the room well ventilated if fans present put them on, on a high speed 

If you have some space outside, we can take an advantage of the direct sun for quicker drying  

Tips on Protecting Your Mattress from attracting Dirt and Stains 

Blood stains, Urine stains and sweat stains may turn to be very gross on your mattress, if you want this to be the story of the past, consider doing using the below methods 

  • Flip your mattress after 6 months 
  • Avoid drinking and eating on your bed- to avoid spillages 
  • Always use a washable mattress cover to prevent dirt from reaching the mattress 
  • Consider putting a mattress waterproof protector on your mattress- most of the protectors have zip closed to protect the mattress from spills, dust, stains, and even bedbugs  
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the mattress surfaces, let it sit for a couple of hours, vacuum it off- it helps to keep your mattress odor free and keep it fresh overall  

If you need help with your mattress cleaning, we are available round clock at your service- we are experts at mattress cleaning – we have trained and experienced technicians who understands the whole procedure of mattress cleaning 


How much does it cost to clean Mattress Professionally Cleaned?  

Mattress clean is done on-site- homes, hotels, offices or hostels  

Feel free to call us to ask for mattress cleaning Estimates  

Item Description  Cost (ksh) 
6 by 6 mattress  3,500 
5 by 6 mattress 3,000 
4 by 6 mattress 2,500 
3 by 6 mattress 2,000 
Bed Cleaning     500 



Why Jasban is the Best Choose for Professional Mattress cleaning in Nairobi Kenya 

  • Jasban Crew comes to your door point on requesting of our mattress cleaning services – this will give you humble time to rest or do that that matters most to you 
  • Jasban cleaning we use Eco-friendly Cleaning products in all our cleaning services 
  • We apply modern technology and machines in cleaning, this ensures your mattress fabric is cared for 
  • We respond within 1 hour of call for clients who are within Nairobi  
  • No soaking, our procedures ensures no dampness is left on the surfaces of the mattress – drying will take utmost 3 hours from time of cleaning  
    • Other services offered -apart from mattress cleaning, Jasban cleaning provides a number of cleaning services, both for Homes and Offices, we do this so that you don’t go looking for carpet or sofa or house cleaning services as a separate service provider, get one roof cleaning services  us and safe greatly on expenditure- our trained team will do you mattress cleaning, sofa and carpet upholstery,  your entire house dusting, floor cleaning, kitchen cleaning, fridge and microwave cleaning and decreasing, laundry & Ironing

How Much Does Cleaning Services Cost in Nairobi Kenya 

House Cleaning services  

Type of home Price per square Foot(ksh) 
Occupied Home 13 
Post construction 11 
Vacant home 9 

Sofa sets Cleaning 

Item Detail Cost (ksh) 
7 Seat sofa 4,500 
5 seat sofa 3,000 
Office arm chair 500 
Dining seats 250 
Sofa bed 1500 
3 seat sofa 2,100 
Leather seat  700 
L shape sofa 3,500 
Ottoman stools 300 
Recliner sofas(1) 700 


Sanitizing and Disinfecting  

Item Description

Cost (ksh) 
bedroom 3000 
2 bedroom 3800 
3 bedroom 4500 
4 bedroom 5500 
5 bedroom 6300 
Offices (sqm) 30 
School ( sqm) 30 
Small office 2000 
Restaurant 3000 
Church (Small) 5500 
Bar  2000 
Bus 3000 
van 1500 
car 1000 


Office Cleaning services  

Item details Cost (ksh)sq foot 
Carpeted office 15 
Non carpeted 5  






Carpet Cleaning 

Item Details Cost (Ksh)Sq Foot 
Wall to wall carpet 20 
Loose carpet 35 
Woolen carpet 30 

Vehicle Cleaning 

Item Detail Cost (ksh) 
Saloon car 3000 
Min bus 10000 
Van 6000 
Double cabin 4500 
Bus 15000 
7 seat cars 4500 

Pest Control & Fumigation services ( Home/ Office)

Item Detail Cost (Ksh) 
1 bedroom2500
2 bedroom3000
3 bedroom3500
4 bedroom4000
5 bedroom4500
6 bedroom5000
Office (per sq ft)20
Office(per Sq m)50

Steam Cleaning 

Item Detail Cost (ksh) 
3 seat sofa2,100
5 seat sofa3500
7 seat sofa4,900
Mattress 3*62000
Mattress 4*62500
Mattress 5*63000
Mattress 6*63500 


For Mattress and all types of cleaning, call Jasban Cleaning, Get our reliable affordable yet Professional services  




Jasban cleaning service in Nairobi 


Window cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya

 Window cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya 

Table of contents 

  • Introduction 
  • Window cleaning Steps  
  • Window cleaning tools 
  • Reasons you should clean your windows 
  • What’s the cost of window cleaning?  
  • How often should windows be cleaned 
  • Other cleaning that in go in hand with window cleaning 


Window cleaning is important as cleaning any other section of a house or building, but most home/commercial buildings owners tend to forget including window cleaning in their cleaning schedules which at long term attracts some unnecessary expenditures  

Window cleaning Steps 

  • Window Rubbing and scrubbing to release the buildup of grease, grime and all types of dirt- you can use liquid soap and cold water- no use of hot water since it will make the finish streaky on panes 

Use small brush to remove any dust and cobwebs is there are some, cleaning starts from top to bottom of the windows 

  • The glass is squeegeed clean with professional-window squeegee, removing 99.9% of the water and dirt from the pores of the glass 
  •  Window Edges and sills are wiped clean and dry, leaving behind nothing but sparkling glass 

Microfibre cloths are used to buff the windows after washing 

 At Jasban window cleaning, we use modern technology approach to clean, this ensures windows are free of spots and streak after cleaning 


Window cleaning Tools 

For success of window cleaning, this are the basic cleaning tools that are needed 

  • Squeegees, Washers and T-bars 
  • Microfiber Sleeves 
  • Extension poles 
  • Stepping stools 
  • Scrappers and blades 
  • Dusting and buffing towels  
  • Screen washers   
  • Window cleaning detergents  
  • Belts 
  • Buckets 
  • Ladders 

Reasons you should clean your Windows 

Most home/business owners forget to include windows on their cleaning list- maybe because they never saw any fatal reason to why it should be kept clean. It’s good for you to keep your windows clean- you can do it using professional window cleaning company or do it yourself /with your house help 

Here are some of the reasons you should keep your window clean 

  1. Over time if windows are not cleaned, dust, dirt and grime will build up, this if not taken care of in time may pose a health issue related to lungs- to home or officer user, this is from the molds that form as a result of dirt 
  1. Cleaning your windows from time to time makes your windows stronger 
  1. Cleaning of windows regularly brings lighter and cleanliness to your home, office and business facility, this will make your home/business place shine, it will look great for those visiting, hence increase of value 
  1. Ensures reduced costs of having windows repaired – Acid rains over time can cause buildup of some debris on windows, window frames and sills, this will damage the window glass over time. Window start developing scratches and some cracks which keeps on until you the home owner you are forced to replace the entire window 
  1. Enjoy a nice View – dirt on window may cause some hindrance on natural light getting into the house, clean clear windows are enjoyable to look through, plus it creates a positive impression of clean home/business center  

Having a sparkling-clean windows gives us a brighter outlook of life 

  1. Improves Moods – Clean windows are said to make the family/ you employees happy- thus improving their moods 
  1. Increases Value – For those selling properties, windows that are dirt may turn potential customer away, cause most people could like a house that has a clear view through windows, where they can have a clear watch of the outside and take fresh air 

Hire window cleaning professionals today, and get clean window – free from streaks and spots, At Jasban Cleaning, we have a trained Crew for the tusk, with modern tools and solutions, we will leave your windows sparkle clean. 

WANT WINDOW CLEANING IN NAIROBI KENYA?  Call us today for a free quote estimate 0796021733- 



How often should windows be cleaned? 

Depending on the surrounding, windows should be cleaned once after 1 or 2 months. 

Example: Homes near busy roads may require window cleaning more often than houses far from roads, because of dust  

At home, to avoid accumulating grim, window cleaning can be done weekly/bi-weekly 

Leaving near a Construction Site, it means there are chances that your windows will gather hard minerals from the paints and dust from cements, this will require window cleaning at least once per month  

Other Related cleaning that go in Hand with Window cleaning 

As window cleaning, there some places of the house or business set up building largely forgotten cleaning  

This includes: 

  1. Gutter Cleaning 
  1. Solar Cleaning 
  1. Wall pressure cleaning 


Gutter Cleaning 

              Prevent Costly Property Repairs and  

               Replacements with us Today 

                 you will love the output  

This section is mostly neglected when cleaning other sections of the house- but this at Longterm comes with its disadvantages, when gutters are not maintained, dirty from fallen leaves and dust can brings more of damages to the owners 

  • They can cause damage to the foundation – this is from the overflowing gutters, repairing such damages may be costly  
  • Insects breeding homes- Waters logged on the gutters may provide a nice ground for the mosquitos and other pests nesting  
  • Overflowing water from clogged gutters may destroy the gardens around the house 


For one to reach the Gutters you need to climb with the cleaning tools using some ladders- for home owners this might be very dangerous, not to mention of insects like spiders and wasps  

All this brings to a list of reasons to why you should hire a professional cleaner to do it for you, call us today and book Gutter cleaning services with us- At Jasban cleaning we promise to bring back your Gutters, Flowing and free of dirt 

Our Gutter cleaning also includes: 

  • Roof cleaning 
  • Gutter maintenance 
  • Clean downspouts 
  • Storage tank cleaning – This ensures customers get clean water through out, using high pressure washing, we will wash the tunks, suck the residue waters, leaving behind clean tanks ready for storage  



Solar Cleaning 

Many people would ask themselves, is it necessary to clean the solar? How often should I clean them? 

Many people depend on the rains to clean down the solar panels, but in some cases, rains might not help- imagine of bird droppings on the panels, rain might not wash these off as they will be to steaky, so it’s a good idea to clean them off 

Also, in places that experience droughts and at Long term it rains very light- you might be forced to clean them from time to time 

Debris and dirt can hinder the effectiveness of the solar panels, they, they hinder sunlight from reaching the panels thus lowering the efficiency on power collected 

How to clean solar panels 

Cleaning can be done by the owner or using a professional cleaning company 

This depends with the decision of the owner and if you are able to go up the ladder to roof top and have the task done 

Make sure to check with your solar installers and providers on any directives in cleaning them 

Using a hose pipe and a bucket of soapy water and nonabrasive spongy to apply soap, this way you will not scratch the panels, no high-pressure waters- coz they will damage the panels 

And keep in mind all solar cleaning should be done on cold weather seasons/in the morning before they get hot from a direct sun 

Pressure cleaning 

If the exterior of your house is looking dirty and messed, it needs one call all clean- Pressure washing- to clean up your driveways, walkways, walls and even pool sides  

All this might look tiresome or technical, call in professionals and let’s have the job done 

We come with all tools that are needed, so that only thing you will provide is just water and power to operate the machines  

Pressure washing your property will not only make you place look great and restored but also check on longevity of your property 

At Jasban cleaning we have trained technician who knows which approach to use where and when 

Pressure wash can be done on houses and concretes- sidewalks and driveways, Pool-sides to remove any buildup of grime, dirty and algae 

With a professional pressure cleaner- there is a lot that can get cleaned, coz they can be creative and innovative to get work done- things like outdoor furniture, kid’s playsets and more 

Professional pressure washer can even clean the roof Gutters an emerge successful 

Minus professional Pressure washing (use of wrong techniques) you might experience some shortcoming, namely; 

  • Damage to glass windows panes 
  • Strip off exterior paints from walls 
  • Dangers that come with use of ladders and climbing to highest areas 
  • Dangers from bleaching solutions used to deal with molds 
  • Expenses of purchasing the tools and the pressure washers  

Leave this to professionals and do that thing that matters m,ost to you,  

At Jasban Cleaning, we guarantee of all work, with our trained team, you can rest assured that all your expectations will be met 

We offer Professional Window cleaning, Gutter cleaning, Solar cleaning and Pressure washing services at Nairobi Kenya . contact us today for an Estimate 0796021733 

Cost of Residential Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

Dust vacuuming off fabric sofa

Cost of Residential Cleaning Services

Many of us are asking the question; what is the cost of residential cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya. We know maintaining the house cleanliness might be challenging at times, your schedule is so fixed on attending your kids, your spouse, your job, having good time with your family and friends

This are the core reasons that makes home owners think of hiring a cleaning company, to supplement some of the cleaning workload, but many have  challenge to knowing how much it will cost to get their houses cleaned

Many ask themselves questions; is it worth outsourcing a cleaning company or do the cleaning my self? Well, depending from which angle you are figuring this out, it can appear very expensive/ affordable outsourcing the home cleaning services

How is the Cleaning Costs Determined?

This are some of ways you can determine the costs involved to have your house cleaned

  1. Size of the house – a 4 bedroom will cost more than for example a 2 bedroom house . Cleaning companies are able to give an estimation from the square footage of your house, carpets and even sofa sizes . So before inviting cleaners be sure you know the measurements, if you are not sure, you can request for the cleaning personnel to have a site visit and have the measurements taken, then later give you a quote- this will help you check on your budget and decide whether you are to clean the entire house or just rooms
  2.  Location – some companies tend to include fuel cost on the final cost of their quotations, so find out if transport is taken care of, and ask the location of the company, or if they have branches at your locality , this will translate to affordable rates on cleaning your home

Some of the cost of cleaning your house are;

  1. Carpet cleaning–    This range from non fluffy to woolen type of carpets- where their cost will be ksh 20, 30 and 50 respectively- the bigger the carpet the lesser it will cost cleaning it squire foot
  2. Mattress cleaning  –      This varies from 3′ by 6′ to 6′ by 6′ where it costs between ksh 2000 – ksh             3,500 for the family size mattress .
  3. Sofa cleaning  – Cost is per seat, where charging is between ksh 500- 800 depending on the nature of the sofa, sometimes the cleaning company might request for a photo of the seat to help in giving the quote

Benefits of Professionally Upholstery Cleaning

While hiring a sofa cleaning machine might be cheap, it needs some skills and time to clean your sofa, most peoples’ schedule are tight , hence hiring professional sofa cleaners would the best option.

Professional upholstery cleaning goes deep into the fibers of your furniture and removes dander, pollen, and dust that can cause allergies and agitate the eyes, nose, and throat. The removal of these allergens leads to better air quality in your home and a healthier life for you and your family

The benefits includes

  1. Protects your upholstery                                                                                                                                                       While upholstery cleaning may seem like an unnecessary expense, avoiding the upkeep can cost more in the long run. Specifically, this routine maintenance helps furniture last longer so that you don’t have to worry about the cost of frequent replacement.
  2. . Fresh and clean air in the house                                                                                                                                       Professional cleaning of Sofas and coughs reduces chances of allergy related diseases and asthma and more reactions caused from poor air quality indoors. Cleaning makes air within the house fresh, hence , easy breathing for you and your family.
  3.  Safety – professional upholstery companies use the most safest techniques and products – which are safe for your family, children and pets. some chemicals used can be toxic and might cause harm to your environment, use professional cleaners coz they understand this
  4. .Restoring its original shape / appearance                                                                                                                   If dirt and debris sit on upholstery for a long time, they will settle into hard-to-remove stains. While these stains can be cleaned at any time, they can leave a lasting mark that can permanently take away from the polished appearance the furniture originally had. Routine cleaning will ensure that fibers are restored and able to maintain their original look longer.
  5. The Convenience of Quick drying process – most methods and machines used by professional sofa cleaning makes drying so fast, 1 – 3 hours ready to use, this overtakes the disadvantage that comes with sofa not drying properly, which will cause you and your family face danger of molds  and mildew which can be harmful to the family


Are Your Sofas Dirty? We’ll Clean Them for you 

You want a healthy home for your kids, free of dust that cause allergy related diseases 

A place that u can invite your friends without hesitate, invite your workmates for parties and visiting 

You want to spend time home, relaxing and in a clean atmosphere, reading a magazine/novel  

A place you will spend a nice time during your off day/Weekends with your family 

A place you can spend some time watching your best tv program, watching your best movie episodes or even football game- either with your family or friends 

All this can be hindered by having dirty Sofas at Home 

Dusty, bad odors and smells from pet urines on sofas, those visible stains on the surfaces of the sofa and couches, food spillages spots can really make one not have peace of mind, trying to cover the sofas is another costly thing you couldn’t want to do 

The worst thing of all, this will push home owners off hosting guests because of fear of personality avoiding embarrassments   

Avoid this life by calling experts- Professional Sofa cleaners in Nairobi Kenya-  Jasban cleaning services, with our trained and vetted technicians, we guarantee you best services, clean and sparkling, stain free- clean as new 

Don’t wait until your in laws calls you to inform of visiting, and obviously they will spend the entire day on those sofas- coz if they find them in a mess, a lot can emerge out of the visit- this is to say sofa cleaning and Maintenace is a very important step, not only does it elongate their life but also  your image on the visitors- hence cleaning should be a regular routine exercise for home owners 


Why Should you use professional Sofa Cleaners over Cleaning them yourself/ using unqualified personnel?  

Over time, sofas can get really dirt, urine from your pet, dust and mad from playing kids and all long-time soiling from all types of dirt around you 

This will need professional touch, someone who knows what solution to use on what surface/ fabric type/ leather type 

Risks that come with Cleaning sofa unprofessionally  

Cleaning your sofa is not simply smearing of detergents and water onto surfaces stains and scrubbing, or soaking with water, Sofa upholstery requires proper care, otherwise you will destroy and bring big damage to the furniture 

Over time we have received bookings for sofa cleaning which somebody tried to clean but, on the process, caused a damage- either soaked them or used the detergent that is not right. Why risk cleaning that expensive sofa set with unreliable sources  

 Book with us today and get a satisfactory result on sofa cleaning 

Below are the common Risks of cleaning sofas unprofessionally 

  1. Using the wrong detergents – this might risky your sofa fabric decolorizing and even bleaching/fading 

Normally, before a professional cleaner starts his /her duty, 1st thing to do is to check the fabric type – usually written on precaution receipt and manuals of the site- or basically test on one of the corners to see the detergents reactions 

Minus sofa cleaning knowledge, the cutting cost ideology might turn to be a nightmare when the sofas are destroyed  

Contact professional sofa cleaners who have the knowhow on all the approaches on sofa cleaning no matter which material they are made of- they will clean appropriately and achieve satisfactory result 

Try our services today and experience a clean and freshly nice smelling sofa today, we will do whatever it takes until your sofa sets are clean, if you are not satisfied, we come back at no cost- and repeat the job until you say yes! Call us to book the service  

     2.Using too much water – our processes involve very powerful commercial suctioning machines which ensures all the moisture content are extracted out- this might not be the case with local unprofessional sofa cleaners who their machines are small with reduced capacities, small mortar, less expensive to rent and carry around – all this combined will disadvantage the process 

This means your sofa will be wet for long, which in the long run might cause developing of the molds which will form stains and also will risk home users to some allergy related issues – coughing and sneezing  

Call the experts and let off the embarrassment off you, below are the  

basic procedure we use to Upholstery clean the Sofas 

  • We arrange for a trained technician with all tools need to upholstery clean the sofas 
  • On arrival of our technician at your premises, he will do inspection of the sofa, checks the manufacturer’s cleaning instruction- to check on fabric type and any special requirement for the same 
  • Pre-vacuuming of the sofa surfaces- to get rid of dust and any debris from the surfaces of the sofa 
  • Pre spot of stains on the surfaces- at this stage we use our special fabric cleaner, this suspends all sticky dirty stains, making it easier to clean 
  • Shampoo evenly the surfaces of the sofa, we use soft cloths and brush  
  • Using wet & dry commercial powerful sanctioning machines, we vacuum the surfaces to remove dirt and all residue from the used shampoos, grease and the extra water – we get 99% off waters off, this fastens drying period- 2-3 hours 

We got you covered, we are just a call away click, call to book sofa cleaning services with us today 

 Leave the Sofa cleaning Experts  

The hectic that comes with change of sofa is a lot – it’s so challenging to change your furniture coz mostly you could like to blend with another household colors, time to shop around is a big issue fitting into your budget is the worst day dream 

Over time, Spills from foods & drinks, dust, dander from the pet will accumulate on the sofa surfaces, this obviously will change the look of it, this is like an investment, which should be protected like any other 

You need to schedule regular cleaning – to keep its condition good all through  

Our technicians are available 24/7, we connect you to within 2hours upon calling 

Clean sofa- free of stains and odors can really improve state of life within your house, it brings some relaxation and comfort to home users, quality life 

Be it your sofa is a recliner, ottoman stools, Love seats, sectional seats, sofa beds, armchairs, they all need a professional treatment, we clean them all, from stains to smells from pet urines we make sure you are satisfied with the process – calling our Customer service number which is available 24/7, book the services and we will send the best trained technician to your location in the shortest time possible  

Call Jasban Cleaning – sofa experts and get back the value of your money back- 



Benefits of Hiring Professional Office Cleaners

benefits of hiring professional office cleaning services

Reasons why you should Hire Professional Office Cleaning Services

Are you a small business with a small office or a big office looking hire professional office cleaning services? At Jasban Cleaning, it is our business to make your business is clean, we have worked in several office set up premises and we can attest that it comes with a lot of goodies having  professional cleaners in your office,  join us and let’s make it happen

A clean office not only does it portray a good image to the company, but also supports a healthy environment for the employees and the visiting clients

A clean office shows some professionalism and raises the image of the office holders

Having a professional service provider in place means increased productivity- as a clean space inspires those clients that come to your stores/office, this in return will raise productivity

Professional cleaners are usually trained to take care of the client’s property and its their mandate to be sacred, therefore all the secrets of your office are safe

Are you looking for an Office cleaning in KENYA? Don’t look no more, Jasban Cleaning offices different packages to suit your office needs- Daily office cleaning and maintenance, biweekly cleaning/ monthly cleaning . We are a reliable, affordable, yet professional office cleaning company in Kenya

These are some of the reasons to hire a Professional cleaner

  1. Saves you money- by having professional office cleaners it means , no extra costs will be spent on your staff for extra hours they spend cleaning, nevertheless, cleaning company knows where to source the tools and items for cleaning at the cheapest prices, this saves money
  2. Employee Morale increase – everybody likes working in a clean environment. Without professional office cleaners , your employees might be forces to maintain the routine office cleaning- this may eat their energy and time they should have used to focus in raising the productivity of the company
  3.    Experienced touch – your office setting up must have costed you a lot , those furniture, carpets and surfaces needs specialized touch from a trained cleaner- who knows the procedures and agents to use on this particular office. Let not your office damaged by non-qualified staff, call 0796 021 733 or Get a quote
  4. Contract Bides – this means everything will be as per the contract terms, no time wasted on sourcing a cleaning agent from time to time. The professional cleaners will do everything as per terms agreed between you two
  5. Flexibility and convenience – by having professional cleaners it means everything will be done within its stipulated time lines. Meetings and all office proceedings will always run as arranged, the cleaners work along the office laid down timelines and schedules so that at no given time should any business be interrupted- most cleaning are done before office staff arrive/ after they have closed / when they are off duty- this will translate to productivity
  6. More time to Focus on Priorities – Professional cleaners knows how to deal with different types of cleaning, this is different from having your staff doing the duties themselves, this will waste time that you can spend working on priorities of business. Trust cleaning work to professionals and concentrate on business factors

Office Sanitary Bins Management Services

Jasban Cleaning is a hygiene service provider that provides dispensers ( Hand soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, Sanitary Bins Management, consumables (hand paper towels, tissues, detergents, and more), deep cleaning of toilets. We can provide you with a 1-stop solution in hygiene services for Homes, Offices and industries at an affordable rates.

Importance of Quality Hygiene Services

  • Encourages a germ-free and clean working environment.
  • Decreases absenteeism from the employee, this translates to high productivity.
  • Gives a professional appearance to your clients and staff thus good impression to all
  • Protects your products, staff and customers health. Personal staff hygiene is not enough , we encourage use of professional commercial cleaners in Nairobi- Jasban cleaning

Your office needs to be thoroughly cleaned daily , this is both healthy to your business and your employees- this can be achieved by hiring a Professional office cleaners, call us today to book for an appointment/ book for a one off cleaning.

Secrets for Making Your Cleaning Business Successful- Nairobi Kenya

Benefits of using Professional office Cleaners


Whether you want to offer house cleaning, maid services, janitorial services,office cleaning service, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and more, there are some big secrets towards achieving profitable cleaning service business.

Everyday new houses are designed to be built, a big number completed and let to tenants – most business and home owners if asked about cleanliness, all could like to work and stay in a tidy environment, but majority might not want to do the cleaning themselves, hence an opportunity to entrepreneur who will not mind to make their hands dirt and manage a cleaning firm

  1. Clean it as you could your home – Whether assignment ahead of you is bigger/smaller, clean it like you are cleaning your own home/office. Liking and having passion on what you are doing is the first achievement in the cleaning industry.
  2. Quality work sells  – don’t cut your prices low than the competitors for reasons of getting more clients, instead raise your strategy above them by offering services differently
  3. Well Motivated Employees means productivity- imagine having an employee who is not motivated at work. They will properly  use time at their desk surfing the internet for personal gain or even browsing for another job. As their Boss, look for ways for them wanting to do best everyday, for instance, introduce incentives and bonuses for top performers
  4. Play your Niche – Find what suits your operations and Focus on it, do it to your best, with consistency and determination you will succeed, don’t venture into market because you have seen others serving it, pick the market that you can serve the best
  5. Have structures and systems-  target to get your business where it can run with/without your presence . Let every department have their systems ; accounting, sales, operations etc
  6. Go Digital – develop a good website, online marketing and more, to communicate to clients looking for the services you offer. Online sales reduces the hustle of walking door to door doing sales
  7. Customer service – trust you me, the best mode of sales is through reference, never assume clients’ satisfaction just because the work looks okay to you, its good to always follow up and try to find out how they are finding your service, and always work on the feed backs strictly
  8. Don’t be Desperate – not all jobs should be taken, turn down undesirable and unprofitable business , if you have your own strategy in the market,  your right client is on the way, maybe about to call you
  9. Invest on Modern Equipment and Tools – You need to look ready at the face of you client as you approach their premises , this creates first impression of your company.